Plasma-Therm earns top rankings in customer satisfaction

Company wins “RANKED 1st” awards in two categories, scores higher than ever in global survey of plasma-processing equipment customers

Plasma-Therm earned two first-place awards for customer satisfaction from a global survey of high-technology customers, the company announced today. Plasma- Therm, based in St. Petersburg, Florida, scored higher in the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey than in any previous year. Plasma-Therm has participated in the independent survey conducted by VLSIresearch since 1998.

Plasma-Therm gained two first-place awards in the 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey: “RANKED 1st” among equipment suppliers in the “Etch and Clean Equipment” category, and in the “Fab Equipment” category. In addition, Plasma-Therm placed second overall in the “10 BEST Focused Suppliers of Chip- Making Equipment” rankings.

“We’re very proud to have received ‘RANKED 1st’ awards in two categories,” Plasma-Therm CEO Abdul Lateef said. “As we expand our product and application portfolio, we are grateful to see that our customers, from small labs to high-volume manufacturing, continue to praise Plasma-Therm’s overall performance year after year.”

G. Dan Hutcheson, Chairman and CEO of VLSIresearch, said, “The higher scores that Plasma-Therm earned in the Customer Satisfaction Survey show that their customers appreciate both the reliability of Plasma-Therm’s tools and the responsiveness of its customer service team. The company’s focus on technology innovation and customer service is widely recognized.”

This is the 17th year in a row that Plasma-Therm has earned top rankings in the Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The “10 BEST” awards recognize the top-rated suppliers of all types of equipment used in semiconductor device manufacturing, including fabrication, testing, and assembly equipment. The awards are presented in two categories based on company size: “Large” suppliers and “Focused” suppliers, based on a three-year average of revenues.

“THE BEST” awards recognize top-rated equipment suppliers across a range of equipment types, including Fab (chip fabrication), Test, Assembly, and others.

Survey participants worldwide were asked to rate equipment suppliers in 15 categories based on three key factors: supplier performance, customer service, and product performance. In 2016, VLSIresearch received feedback from more than 95% of the chip market, with a total of 3,619 surveys returned, resulting in 54,282 total responses.

According to VLSIresearch, since 1988 the Customer Satisfaction Survey has been the only publicly available opportunity for customers to provide feedback to suppliers of semiconductor equipment, related materials and subsystems.


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