Plato Introduces Expanded Sales Network, New Website and Product Catalogs

Unprecedented resources to help customers identify soldering tips and tools for their specific needs

plato-website_homePlato®, a leading manufacturer of soldering tips and tools for electronic assembly and repair, announced a dramatic expansion of sales and marketing resources dedicated to helping customers.

The Plato network of sales representatives were added to provide full customer support coverage across the US and Mexico. The Plato sales network, with a total of 26 individual sales people, covers the following territories:

  • Eastern US – Restronics and Wilson Industries
  • Southeast US – Gardner & Meredith and The Green Rep
  • Midwest US – W.E.W. and Productive Technologies
  • Southwest US – DGMarketing and Cluff & Associates
  • Mexico – Aviamex and DGMarketing

Full contact information is available at

The new Plato website ( was also launched, which includes robust features to help customers locate products and specifications quickly and easily. Product categories include soldering tips, robotic soldering tips, soldering tools, soldering accessories, and custom development. The custom development section allows customers to co-develop specialized soldering tips, which can be done for quantities as low as 100, and as quickly as 6-weeks.

In addition, Plato products can be purchased directly from the website, or customers can search for local distribution from a list of over 100 companies.plato-website_tips

Plato has introduced a new full-line product catalog that is available in English and Spanish, for Mexican customers. The catalog includes 1:1 scale drawings of all available soldering tips for each tip selection. Copies can be requested by calling 800-858-4043 or e-mailing Electronic PDF copies are available on

Grant Price, Plato Product Manager stated, “The expanded sales network, new website and catalogs offers customers unprecedented resources to help them identify the ideal soldering tips and tools for their specific needs.”

Plato®, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), is a leading manufacturer of soldering tips and tools for the electronics industry. Plato offers a wide variety of soldering and desoldering tips that are compatible with common soldering stations from Hakko, Weller, Pace, and more. Plato products include soldering tips, desoldering tips, tip cleaning sponges, and the popular Plato shear cutters.


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