Product Technology Partners (PTP) creates business development role

Cambridge-based test & measurement and control systems specialist
Product Technology Partners (PTP) has announced it has appointed a
Head of Business Development.

Helena Persion joins the company with 20 years’ commercial experience
dealing with Blue Chip clients and FTSE 100 companies; and more than
a decade working in technical fields that include cutting edge software
and hardware solutions.

Founded in 2000, PTP is an ISO 9001-certified engineering consultancy,
that enables software and hardware development for manufacturing and
production industries. Its services include full coverage software and
hardware designs; test and measurement, and control solutions; and
legacy support. It has experience of PC platforms, including .net; C# and

C++; database development and integration; National Instruments
software development, including LabVIEW; embedded software
development on a range of microprocessors; PLC programming; and
both analogue and digital electronics design.
PTP Director Kevin Snelling said: “As PTP moves towards its third
decade in the business, we have created this new position at an exciting time. Helena has developed business networks and built relationships at the highest levels, nationally and internationally. She has an excellent understanding of customer requirements at every level of management and structure.

“Bringing a commercial specialist on board is part of our commitment to
enhancing service levels and customer service to clients requiring
custom systems solutions across a variety of industries. Since
welcoming Helena, we have already seen her positive attitude impacting
on the PTP business; we are looking forward to building on this further in the months ahead.”

PTP has worked on a wide portfolio of projects, which include
transferring data or alerts from remote locations using WIFI, Bluetooth
and mobile, and mechanisms such as email and SMS to message
operators of events. Examples of this type of project include logging
noise data on a building site, on-site energy monitoring; various audio
monitoring systems; and pressure monitoring in gas canisters. PTP also
has machine vision experience.


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