Pulse Electronics’ Clarity DAS clear ceiling antennas selected to enable wireless communication in the World Trade Center, New York City

83011c38-33b2-4641-b675-815d5304c05bOver 700 ultra-thin, clear antennas to be deployed

Pulse Electronics Corporation announces that its Clarity family of antennas has been selected by a major US wireless carrier to enable wireless network coverage in a key building of the World Trade Center complex in New York, NY. Over 700 of Pulse’s Clarity DASUTCCR500NF distributed antenna system (DAS) ultra-thin, clear, ceiling-mount antennas will be deployed in the building.

“Pulse’s Clarity antennas are a great fit for the World Trade Center,” said Olivier Robin, general manager for Pulse Electronics Wireless Infrastructure business unit. “With almost everyone using a mobile phone or some type of wireless device, it is essential that employees and visitors of the World Trade Center have a clear connection, enough bandwidth for the internet, and minimal dead spots and dropped calls. The reconstruction of this historic building created demanding RF conditions of steel and reinforced concrete. The patent-pending novel design of the Clarity antennas resulted in extremely thin, translucent radiating elements for optimum visual appeal coveted by architects; yet they meet the RF needs for today’s advanced wireless networks.”

Pulse Electronics’ Clarity family of DAS antennas are translucent, making them nearly transparent. They have an extremely low profile, extending just 0.33 inches (8.4mm) below the ceiling. The antennas cover all cellular bands from 608 MHz through 2700 MHz and their PIM (passive intermodulation distortion) rating is better than -155dBc at 2×20 watts (2x43dBm), providing superior performance. The DASUTCCR500NFantennas are part of Pulse Electronics’ PIMinator® line of low passive intermodulation antennas.



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