Quintech Electronics receives order from U.S. government intelligence agency for innovative XTREME 80, 2 RU 80 port RF matrix switch

Quintech Electronics & Communications, Inc., (www.Quintechelectronics.com), a world leader in the design and manufacture of RF matrix switches, announced that its XTREME 80 port matrix switch has been selected by a U.S. Government Intelligence Agency to expand network capabilities. The uniquely qualified matrix delivers high port density with superior features and RF performance.

Quintech’s XTREME 80 matrix switch exhibits an innovative asymmetric design (patent pending) to offer a 16×64 port configuration in a 2 RU chassis. The XTREME 80 is the only L-band matrix configured as either a 16×64 or 32×32 in the same 2 RU chassis. Included in the high-density matrix are hot swappable and redundant power supplies and control cards. Standard independent input and output variable gains allow the user to balance input signals and provide optimum signal performance to the receivers. The XTREME 80 can save up to 90% of rack space and inter-module cabling as compared to existing 16×16 technology. The XTREME 80 is available as either fan-out (splitting) or fan-in (combining) for downlink and uplink applications.

“The XTREME 80 was chosen by the Government Intelligence Agency due to its compact size and superior RF performance,” says Keith Blystone, Quintech Electronics’ Government Account Manager. “At a fraction of the cost, the XTREME 80 easily expands to 128, 256 or 512 output ports in a more compact size than can be realized using multiple 128×128 matrices.”

Further information about the Quintech XTREME 80 matrix switch please visit: www.QuintechElectronics.com/XTREME 80


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