Reduce PCB Failure Rates Due to Vibration and Acceleration

New White Paper

Industry statistics indicate field failure rates of up to 15%–20% in the first year for newly launched electronic products, resulting in warranty claims and high levels of field returns. In harsh environments, fatigue can be responsible for up to 20% of these product failures.

Analyzing vibration and acceleration is vital to preventing product failures due to fatigue. However, current methods of analysis, such as physical HALT, are often too costly and time-consuming to conduct for every new product.

The new Xpedition® Design for Reliability (DfR) functionality empowers design teams to simulate vibration and acceleration effects throughout the design creation process to detect issues early, improving design quality and decreasing time-to-market for electronic products

Read this new white paper to learn how you can reduce product failures and ensure a successful product release.


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