Rehka Chaterjee achieves 20 years of service at Libra Industries

Libra Rehka ChaterjeeLibra Industries, a privately held electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider, is pleased to announce that Rehka Chaterjee has achieved 20 years of service. Mrs. Chaterjee is a Materials Control Clerk in Libra Industries’ Stores Department.

In recognition of her 20 years of service, Libra Industries is sending Mrs. Chaterjee and her husband, along with two of their friends, on an all-expense paid trip to Maui, Hawaii. Jennifer Kiminas, Marketing & Communications Manager, commented, “Rehka considers Libra Industries her second family and she is a perfect example of the hardworking people on our team.”

Chaterjee receives all incoming materials, verifies them against the purchase order, updates the network, and allocates and stores, or disburses materials as required. She is responsible for maintaining total quality through the operations and procedures in place to reduce rework in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Libra Industries continues to invest in its team to provide customized manufacturing solutions to help make its customers more competitive and improve their profitability.


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