RoodMicrotec N.V. strengthens its Sales & Marketing Team

Christin GädtkeDr. Christin Gädtke (1984) will join RoodMicrotec as of
1 November 2015 as Sales & Marketing Manager, strengthening our team in Nördlingen (Germany) led by Sales & Marketing Director Dieter Schreiber.

After graduating in physics in Dresden, Christin worked as a development engineer in the photovoltaic (or solar) cell industry. In 2014, Christin gained her PhD from the Victoria University in Wellington (New Zealand). She then continued her career as development engineer with Infineon. Both in her education as a semiconductor physicist (chip physicist) and in her work, Christin has gained a great deal of experience in chip development, especially in the area of qualification and reliability improvement.

Christin has excellent technical and communication skills, and we believe she will prove to be an important addition to our sales team. The team is focusing on an increasing number of big new projects, which require more knowledge and experience. Her experience and know-how will make her an excellent partner for both existing and new customers, and will enable her to offer our services to them.

We are very pleased that Christin has chosen RoodMicrotec and we are convinced she will make major contributions to the realisation of RoodMicrotec’s ambitions.


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