RoodMicrotec secures € 9 million order

RoodMicrotec has signed a contract with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to engineer a new product (chip), for which RoodMicrotec will subsequently perform volume production test throughout the life cycle of the product. The turnover volume over this life cycle will be approx.

€ 9 million. The engineering work for the performance of the order will be done in the second half of 2015 and the first half of 2016. The subsequent volume production, mainly testing, will start in the middle of 2016 and will increase over a number of years to approx. € 1.2 million a year.

This customer, a new addition to RoodMicrotec’s customer base, is a medium-sized fast growing stock exchange listed OEM. The internationally operating company very successfully markets new industrial and consumer products, and is realising 15% to 20% annual sales growth per year.

The market for high-grade chips is increasingly dominated by 12″ wafers. They have higher capacity and tend to have the highest grade technology. In the context of this order, RoodMicrotec will make a limited (approx. € 350,000) investment in additional hardware for this 12” wafer technology, which it will also be able to use for other high-grade orders. With this additional investment, RoodMicrotec will establish a unique position in its segment as a service provider to fabless companies (design houses).

Of the approx. € 9 million value of this order, approx. 90% of the work will be done in-house by RoodMicrotec. Apart from the limited investment, we have all the infrastructure in place. We were able to do all the pre-engineering, research and development engineering that were necessary to offer the customer a good solution with our own engineers.

After securing this order, our quote portfolio remains at least at the level stated in our press release of 8 January 2015, which put our quote portfolio at over EUR 10 million. It therefore remains high and contains significant potential for further key orders.

‘RoodMicrotec is very pleased to add, with considerable effort, a new promising and fast growing customer to our customer base. The customer was so impressed by our experience and facilities that it entrusted us with this order’, said RoodMicrotec CEO Philip Nijenhuis.


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