RUSH PCB Introduces the future of PCB purchasing

New PCB Portal allows buyers to quote and order their PCBs in less than 10 minutes

This changes everything!

San Jose: Abker Roy, President of Rush PCB,  has announced the release of a new revolutionary system for buying PCBs.  The new system called PCB Portal provides  autonomous quoting and ordering of PCBs in less than 3o minutes. It also provides the customer with a real time order tracking system via Text or WhatsApp.

In a RUSH to change the world

RUSH PCB is determined to change the world one incredibly fast  PCB order  at a time. Their new PCB Portal, available in August of 2021 is going to change the way People buy PCBs forever.

According to RUSH PCB President Akber Roy, “Our new PCB Portal makes it so easy to quote, order, and track PCB orders that once customers use this tool, they will fall in love with it”.

The PCB Portal can produce quotes from 1=1 day lead-times to 10+10 days lead time for quantities ranging from  5 pieces to  50 pieces as well as production volumes with longer lead times.

The PCB Portal is an easy to use intuitive tool to calculate  PCB prices and delivery times and orders with just a few clicks. Describing the tool, Mr. Roy said, “Imagine this, a customer can come to the PCB Portal on our site, and quote just about any board, just about any quantity  and just about any delivery time and get a quote in a matter of minutes. And then place the order with us immediately! No hassles or worries. Then. and this is what I think is the best part of PCB Portal,  they will get constant real time updates of where their order is in the system. 

These updates come to the customer automatically by either Text or WhatsApp. And the systems will also track the entire history of the order including when the order was placed, and if it was put on hold for any reason. By the way when an order is put on hold the system notes the time the order was on hold and recalibrates  a new date instantly. We feel that our new system is going to revolutionize board buying.”

Advantages of Full Turnkey PCB Services from Rush PCB Inc.

Rush PCB Inc offers our OEM customers the advantage of Full Turnkey services. The customer does not have to waste time to search for and qualify multiple sources, as Rush PCB Inc undertakes the responsibility for the entire contract manufacturing activities.

We procure components from several genuine suppliers, and since we buy them in bulk, we have the advantage of lower pricing that we can pass on to our customers. We also maintain our in-house inventory of electronic components.

We have facility for manufacturing high-quality boards. Depending on the Gerber files and the net list from our customers, we fabricate all types of boards, from simple two-sided rigid boards to 40-layer HDI boards, 20-layer rigid-flex boards, or metal-clad boards.

We have experienced engineers and highly sophisticated machines for assembling PCBs. We handle all types of boards, whether they use leaded solder, lead-free solder, through-hole components, or surface mount components. We are also experts in all types of surface finish that customers may want.

Apart from automated testing at all stages of manufacturing and assembly, we also have experienced technical personnel to handle all types of integration, functional testing, and debugging facilities.

Therefore, with Rush PCB Inc as their contract manufacturer, our customers have many advantages like not having to expend their valuable time, energy, and resources in looking for genuine components at reasonable costs, arranging to procure them from different sources, and then searching for someone to assemble them. In fact, our full turnkey PCB solutions offer our customers:

  • Substantial reduction in operational costs
  • Identification of potential issues
  • Streamlining customer’s management.

However, this is not all, as Rush PCB Inc offers many other advantages.

Instant Full Turnkey Quote on Rush PCB Inc

We have revamped and updated our website Rush PCB Inc. Customers can get an instant quote, order their PCBs, and monitor the progress of their project from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Customers can get a full turnkey quote in a few minutes regardless of their BOM size. Whether the BOM has only two items or 300 unique components, the full turnkey quote is near instantaneous.

Our website carries out reference designator checks on the BOM. We compare BOM reference designators with quantities, checking for duplicates or errors in reference designators.

We reach out to 40 different vendors in real time. This allows us to provide up to date prices, while computing our in-house stocks and providing lead time information.

Our easy and intuitive tool on the site can import and process your BOM file with only a few clicks. If your BOM has consigned parts or do not Integrate (DNI) parts for extra control, our tool can handle that as well.

Not only that, but we also add overages automatically based on your component footprint. You can download a detailed Excel format BOM with all component information. 

Our site offers instant quotes from 1+1 day lead time to 10+10 days lead time for quantities varying from 5 pieces to 500 pieces. Customers can repeat their Full Turnkey Order with a few clicks. 

They can also duplicate their quote with minor changes and for this they do not have to reenter the entire specifications again.

Former Plexus Global PCB Procurement Manager  and industry Consultant Steve Williams commented after viewing what PCB Portal can do.

 “In all my years of board buying,  I have never seen anything like this. This is going to change everything! The best I have ever seen an automated  quote system do is measured hours not minutes and those systems had a lot of quirks. Besides, being the fastest quote system, I have ever seen, it is also the most accurate. I made Mr. Roy run it for me three times before I could believe what I was seeing with my own eyes. I watched as he did a complete PCB quote including delivery times and then place a sample order in actually less than twenty minutes! I wish I had had access to something like the PCB Portal when I was buying boards”

PCB Portal is now available at Go to our web site and start meeting the future today!

For more information about the PCB Portal or to schedule a demo please contact Akber Roy at or email him at or

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