S3088 ultra gold asserts itself at ELRAD

After an intensive benchmark, the Slovenian company ELRAD International d. o. o. has decided on the Viscom S3088 ultra gold. Among the 3D AOI system’s most convincing features were its very high measurement accuracy and first-class image quality.

From left to right: AOI process specialist Martin Znidaric and head of technology Simon Jug from ELRAD International d. o. o. together with sales engineer Nikola Vujanovic from Stepan GmbH, who processed the sale of the Viscom S3088 ultra gold system

A well-known 3D AOI supplier also took part in ELRAD’s 3D AOI benchmark. After intensive tests and comprehensive evaluations, the 3D AOI solution from Viscom clearly asserted its strengths. Better resolution and top reliability were the primary convincing features of the S3088 ultra gold. The Viscom system also scored points with its highly advanced possibilities for 3D measurement.

Martin Znidaric, AOI process specialist at ELRAD: “The three-dimensional display and measurement values generated by the Viscom system are simply superb. This is the ideal choice, especially given our high requirements for inspecting LEDs.”

In the company’s Slovenian factory in Gornja Radgona, the S3088 ultra gold employed by ELRAD inspects electronic assemblies populated with LEDs, which are used in vehicle headlights and taillights. “These LEDs must be exactly positioned with accuracy down to a few micrometers and must not tilt at all,” explains Simon Jug, head of technology at ELRAD. A special 3D measurement in the production line ensures these conditions are met for an internationally positioned automotive company. As the experienced users at ELRAD see it, the S3088 ultra gold from Viscom was the only choice for this task.

ELRAD develops and manufactures high-quality control electronics for tools, household appliances, automobiles and other application areas in Slovenia, Serbia and China. The advanced technological development and miniaturization were yet another reason calling for acquisition of a new 3D AOI system last year.



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