SEHO celebrates 40 years of innovative technology

SEHO Markus Walter 15 MedResSEHO Systems GmbH, a worldwide manufacturer of complete solutions for soldering processes and automated production lines, is pleased to announce its 40-year anniversary. Since its foundation in 1976, SEHO has become the worldwide contact partner whenever soldering is involved.

“With continuous investment in research, we are able to quickly react to new trends in electronics manufacturing and convert them into processes and products for serial production,” commented Markus Walter, CEO. “We are proud that many pioneering innovations in the field of soldering originated at SEHO”.

Today, SEHO is a global manufacturer of complete solutions, providing innovative systems for all fields of automated soldering processes and production lines including board handling, creative work places and material management. Through its systems, SEHO provides its customers with sustained and resource economizing production facilities. With innovative spirit, SEHO continuously develops its technology in order to provide customers with a competitive advantage.


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