SIBBIS International and Siborg Systems Inc Widen Their Product Line of Tweezer-Like Electronic Meters Offered in USA

Canadian Siborg Systems Inc and Maryland Based SIBBIS International LLC add new devices to Smart Tweezers LCR-meter line of products for Surface Mount Technology

Washington, DC (PRWEB) September 26, 2016

Manufacturer of LCR-Reader® digital multimeter, Canadian Siborg Systems Inc, and SIBBIS International LLC based in Potomac, Maryland have reached an Agreement to join their efforts to market electronic test tools in USA. LCR-Reader® digital multimeter is an industry proven tool indispensable for SMT component sorting, in-circuit and on-board impedance testing and PCB debugging.

SIBBIS International is specializing in international marketing of high-tech software and hardware, in particular of medical equipment and associated electronic tools.

“We have worked with Siborg since 2012, distributing Smart Tweezers LCR-meter and accessories” says Anatoly Klimenko, Director of Marketing at SIBBIS International, “Newly offered tweezer-like tools from Siborg with new features such as an LED testing and Bluetooth PC connected Smart Tweezers model as well as a wider range of products with more affordable pricing, like LCR-Reader®, and new accessories, like LCR-Reader® Probe Connector allow to widen our target client base.”

Modern electronic equipment contains densely packed Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) with small SMT components. It hampers debugging of a faulty PCB with the use of conventional LCR-meters. LCR-Reader® integrating accurate digital LCR-meter, a pair of high-precision SMD probes, and an LCD display into nearly a pen-size 1 Oz unit, allows to easily make measurements of components up to 0201 size. It can be easily handled by just one hand.

Smart Tweezers LCR-meter is a leading professional tool for electronic testing in Surface Mount Technology (SMT). The latest model ST5S offers basic accuracy of 0.2%, designated ESR measurements, diode and continuity test and component sorting.

Smart Tweezers performs quick SMD component identification allowing to inspect values of all types of passive SMD and through-hole devices. It measures fast inductance capacitance, and resistance with high precision and gives secondary parameters such as ESR of a capacitor acting as a digital ESR Meter. Smart Tweezers LCR-meter is an industry proven tool and it is indispensable for SMT component sorting, in-circuit and on-board impedance testing and PCB debugging.

Currently the best seller at Siborg still remains LCR-Reader® Pro, a low cost version of Smart Tweezers LCR-meter offered worldwide via Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon Canada, etc. This mid-priced model with 0.5 % basic accuracy includes NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration and additional ergonomic bent test leads.

The leading professional model in Siborg’s offerings is the Smart Tweezers ST-5S; offering the most functions and features with the highest basic accuracy of 0.2%, customizable measurement parameters; including variable tolerances, automatic offset subtraction, adjustable test signal levels and continuity/diode/open testing. The ST-5S comes pre-calibrated with a traceable NIST calibration certificate, and includes spare bent test leads.

Siborg is currently offering ST5S-BT: a Bluetooth enabled model of Smart Tweezers ST-5S. This model connects to a computer via Bluetooth and can send data to National Instruments LabView and dedicated Android apps. With the ability to use Bluetooth, users can record their measurement results, saving time for those who require to create quick references for past measurements and complete quality control. The data is sent in a string of comma separated values that represent what is shown on the device’s screen at the time of measurement. It includes the main impedance type and value, secondary type and value, test signal frequency and level, and measurement mode. Included USB dongle is required to connect the device to a PC in order to be able to utilize LabView.

Recently created a lower-cost alternative to the Smart Tweezers LCR- and ESR-meter s, the LCR-Reader® offers the same functionality as Smart Tweezers but less features and, most importantly, is offered at nearly half the price. By removing some features, tolerance/diode/continuity check and variable test signal levels made it possible to reduce the price nearly by 2 times. Recent development of a new calibration fixture capable to handle the full range of measurements allowed to begin offering NIST traceable calibration for LCR-Readers. As a result Siborg created the LCR-Reader Pro: a bundled kit that includes a pre-calibrated LCR-Reader® with the NIST traceable calibration certificate, extra bent probes, a spare battery and charger for LCR-Reader®. The LCR-Reader® Pro is available for $216.00 USD until the end of September during Siborg’s September Sale.

Building on the success of the tweezer-based measurement tools, Siborg has begun offering other products for testing and troubleshooting surface mount technology.

One of the devices is Smart LED Test Tweezers primarily designed for testing through-hole and surface-mount LEDs, The device uses a 12 VDC output for testing LEDS and has adjustable current ratings of 20, 10 and 5mA. This device can also be connected to a multimeter using the included connector cable to test switches, circuitry, fueses, wires, shorts and more.

The other product is the SMD Test Tweezers that connect to most multimeters with 4 mm jacks and enable the tweezer-meter action with the full functionality of the multimeter it is connected to. The Test Tweezers are priced under $10 and can hadle Surface Mount Components up to 0402 size.

LCR-Reader® Probe Connector allows to use LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers as a probe station for testing impedances for the whole PCB. Besides it allows to reach components on a PCB that wouldn’t normally fit between the tweezers’ tips. This attachment set comes with 5 different interchangeable probes, including a spade connector, short and medium pin probes, alligator clip, and 4 mm multimeter connectors.

About SIBBIS International LLC:
Established in 2006, SIBBIS offers international marketing services for high-tech hardware and software product, medical equipment in particular.
For more information:
SIBBIS International LLC
1998 Lancashire Drive, Potomac, MD 20854 USA
Phone: 240-506-8293, Fax: 519-725-9522
E-mail: sibbis(at)sibbis(dot)com
Web: www(dot)sibbis(dot)com

About Siborg Systems Inc:
Established in 1994, Siborg Systems Inc. is a source of engineering software and hardware tools for semiconductor and electronics industry. Located in the city of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, it enjoys being part of the local world-renowned high-tech community.

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