Special incentives for online equipment purchases at manncorp.com

Untitled-1Online purchasing of equipment for SMT and through-hole assembly at manncorp.com is now easier and more advantageous than ever with the implementation of automatic discounts and flat-rate shipping.

Manncorp customers who purchase any piece of equipment through the company’s advanced e-commerce website will now automatically receive discounts of at least 5% as items are added to their shopping cart. In addition, flat-rate shipping and handling charges, that have been pre-established for each item in Manncorp’s extensive catalog, are added to the cart total. The result is a quick, efficient, and straightforward shopping experience that saves customers time and money.

Recognizing that growing numbers of businesses, for convenience and efficiency, are making increased use of corporate credit cards for large online purchases, Manncorp continues to champion e-commerce in the field of higher-end industrial equipment. Continuous improvement of the company’s website, combined with additional incentives for online purchases are helping to cultivate this segment of the market.

“The ability to make an online purchase at manncorp.com is solely for our customers’ convenience,” says Manncorp founder and CEO, Henry Mann. “Today, many of our customers know what they want and simply don’t have time to procure equipment or parts through conventional purchasing cycles.” Mann is quick to point out however, that customers are still encouraged to call if additional information or technical assistance is needed. “We realize that purchasing a component counter or benchtop reflow oven on a credit card is a lot different than buying a pick and place machine or a selective soldering system. Nevertheless, we welcome those opportunities.”

Presently, Manncorp customers who purchase any of its Ultra-Dry desiccant dry boxes and baking dry cabinets online will automatically receive a 10% discount from listed prices. Visit manncorp.com for this and other offers.

For five decades, Manncorp has supplied electronics manufacturers with the world’s best values in PCB assembly equipment, direct to the customer, at the industry’s most competitive prices, and with full service and support. Offices worldwide: East (Huntingdon Valley, PA), West (San Diego, CA), Mexico, Brazil, China.



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