STI acquires new high-speed flexible mounter from Juki Automation Systems

Juki KE-3020VASTI Electronics, Inc., a full service organization providing training services, training materials, analytical/failure analysis, prototyping, and small-to-medium volume contract PCB assembly, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a new Juki KE-3020VA High-Speed Flexible Mounter.

This new placement system provides STI’s Contract Assembly Services with a significant improvement to its capabilities. With laser centering that also can confirm component release and tombstone picks, it still has an optimum placement rate of 20,900 chips per hour.

The electric feeder not only provides smoother component feeding, it also has double tape feeders that increases the capacity of the machine.

Juki TR6Complementing the new placement system is a new Juki TR6DN in-line matrix tray changer. The TR-6 is equipped with a dual shuttle that brings the components to the head for picking. The big advantage of this system is that no feeder space is lost.

Mark McMeen, Vice President of Engineering Services, remarks: “This is just the latest addition to our continual equipment upgrades. This, coupled with our highly trained and experienced workforce, ensures that we maintain our reputation as the ‘go-to’ contract assembler.”


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