Successful first half of 2017 for Printed Circuit Broker Elmatica

Elmatica can report of a successful 2017 so far. In the two first quarters, the company has seen a 32% increase in orders placed, compared with first half of 2016. They also report that product owners involve them at an earlier stage of development and consequently improving the purchasing process.

– The activity level experienced during this first half year depicts the success of our strategy and industry focus. We are expanding and delivering above expectations. Our strategy of integrating supply chains in combination with compliance and transparency completes our partners purchasing process and increases the cooperation between all parties. The two first quarters of 2017 have been above expectations, says CEO of Elmatica Didrik Bech.

Elmatica see an increasing trend where product owners on a general basis involves them at an earlier stage in development stage of PCB. The reason Bech believes, is to secure the optimal design, production and delivery of each type of PCB.

– On a general basis we recognize that product owners and assembly manufacturers are involving Elmatica at an earlier stage to secure that the PCB is developed and constructed according to what is optimal for the product owner, manufacturer and EMS. There is a win win potential by ensuring that all the parties in the supply chain can deliver and focus on their individual speciality. This is an optimal situation for a Broker as Elmatica, as it allows us to complete the purchasing process for the product owner, the delivery process for the EMS and the sales process for the manufacturer, says Bech.

Elmatica can report a 32% organic growth in orders placed compared with the same period in 2016, and a 20% increase in invoicing compared to last year. The printed circuit broker also see an increase in all 7 industry segments, except in the oil & gas industry.

– In the oil & gas industry we have participated in several development projects. These projects are presently preparing for volume in regard to when the oil & gas market stabilize. As for the Defense industry, we have seen an sharp growth in the Nordic region, Central Europe and the US. The development of new systems and increased demand for existing systems has resulted in a higher than expected growth in the defense industry, says Bech.

Although the Printed Circuit industry experienced a challenging start this year, with delays due to Chinese New Year, and the Copper situation, the first half year has remained strong and the forecast for the rest of the year is presently equally strong.

– Based on the order flow, the rest of the year looks promising as well. Elmatica expect an organic growth of 10-15% in 2018 where the automation and automotive industry is expected to represent a major part of this increase as several projects we have developed with our partners are ready for mass production, says Bech.


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