A-Tek Systems Group appointed North American distribution partner for Schunk Electronic Solutions

image002A-Tek Systems Group was recently appointed the North American distribution partner for Schunk Electronic Solutions. Schunk manufacturers high performance depaneling machines for both in-line and stand-alone / batch applications. Schunk is headquartered in St. Georgen, Germany.

Schunk Electronic Solutions sets the standards with depaneling equipment, which is developed to meet today’s challenges in depaneling any panel / board design, as thin as .042” to .125” thick from V-scored to tabbed printed circuit boards. Schunk’s design advancements will ensure high productivity, accuracy and flexibility.

For maximum flexibility and cutting performance, the Schunk depaneling machines can be configured with either a high speed sawing disc for v-score boards or spindle for singulating tabbed boards. The flexible universal tooling, Magnoplate© consists of a magnetic work piece holder in which magnetic pins are automatically placed using coordinates from CAD data imported into the system interface. The CAD data is also used for creating the routing programs offline or directly on the system. The routing program is tied to the pin placement program for easy set up and reliability.

Patty Chonis, President of A-Tek Systems Group commented, “We are very excited to bring Schunk into our product portfolio. We have been watching the development of formerly GAS Automation, and now Schunk Electronic Solutions and the development of their equipment over the past six years when the first machine was installed in Northern California. The Schunk platform is highly flexible in that it can easily manage any product, from scored to tabbed panels in the same platform by simply rotating the cutting head. The North American market wants flexibility to handle a high mix of assemblies, and tooling costs and storage for custom tools are more of an issue today than they were in years past. Now with the Magnoplate, on-going tooling concerns are negated.”



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