The new ZESTRON website is online!

ZESTRONs multilingual website is presented with a new, modern look!

„With this relaunch we offer a complete mobile responsive site, focused more on its multimedia features including a variety of new videos and increased visibility of our virtual tours across the Americas, Europe and Asia. The virtual tours of our seven globally linked technical centers can be particularly helpful for those who like to inform themselves on the available cleaning and analytical equipment prior to visiting and conducting trials”, says Mark Cherubin, Head of Marketing / Product Management.

“We also updated our ZESTRON Academy section and made our workshop program fully accessible online. Customers can now view and register for any of the available training programs such as technical workshops, online seminars and customized training”, adds Mark Cherubin. “For further assistance on our cleaning products, services or learning opportunities, users will find contact information of our experienced team of process engineers easily accessible on each page.”


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