Thermaltronics is fast becoming the new leader in hand soldering

Thermaltronics, a fast growing manufacturer of precision hand soldering systems incorporating the unique Curie Point technology, have recently announced it is embarking on an aggressive marketing campaign in the USA.

While a relative “newcomer” in the world of hand soldering & rework, Thermaltronics is staffed by experienced industry experts whose knowledge of both the market and the Curie Point technology is unsurpassed.

In fact, two of the top executives, Zen Lee and Michael Gouldsmith, were previously with OKI/Metcal® and together have over 35 years of global experience in this industry. Zen was previously the Managing Director of all operations of OKI/Metcal® in S. E. Asia, including Production, Product Development and Sales. Michael, who was based in the company HQ in California, was the President & CEO of OKI/Metcal® and led the sale of OKI/Metcal® to the Dover Corporation, in the year 2000.

With all the changes taking place in the industry and with the Metcal® patent on the Curie Point technology expiring, Zen and Michael decided to start again – naming the new company Thermaltronics.

Thermaltronics has sought to introduce new ideas and make improvements in the way products are manufactured and certified. This process was made easier by the fact both management and operations people in Thermaltronics had previous experience of the hand soldering & rework market.

However, Thermaltronics does not want to be a “follower” and today has developed one of the most comprehensive soldering robots in the world, incorporating dual head operation, 6-axis control, vision, mapping & dynamic laser height adjustment. “Rather than taking a simple robotic approach, we first studied how a human operator works,” commented Zen. “We then replicated these movements in the robot, allowing for a decision-making process to take place.”

Thermaltronics will continue its drive to be a leader in hand and robotic soldering and is already working on the next-generation systems. It is this drive for success that has inspired Zen and Michael to seek new adventures in the industry.

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