Trackwise Improved Harness Technology™ achieves major milestone

Trackwise is pleased to announce the successful completion of a major milestone in the development of Improved Harness Technology™ – the manufacture of a 10metre/30foot 6 layer flexible PCB.

We are delighted with the results of recent trials. Whether or not this is the largest multilayer printed circuit ever manufactured – the next phase will see Trackwise manufacture a 25metre/80foot multilayer PCB – this is clear demonstration of the core offering of Improved Harness Technology™ – length-unlimited multilayer printed circuits to replace conventional wire harness or EWIS.

Improved Harness Technology™ is a patented, proprietary technology that brings, for the first time, the proven benefits of flexible printed circuits – weight saving, space saving, improved precision, improved reliability – to system level applications.

Trackwise is pleased to acknowledge the financial contribution of Innovate UK and the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) to this project.



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