ULT LLC extends Rep Network collaborating with George KELSO Company

Fume extraction vendor ULT LLC and Pennsylvania headquartered George KELSO Co. entered into a cooperation. From now on, KELSO will provide ULT’s fume extraction technology to customers in the US States of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

The representative mainly addresses industries such as metalworking, food/beverage, pharmaceutical and general industry. KELSO will take care of sales and service for all industrial air cleaning requirements.

Joe Voss, Sales Representative with KELSO says: “KELSO is excited to join the ULT team members. As we design, supply and install industrial ventilation capture, convey and collect varies dusts, fumes and vapors is essential to have state of the art equipment to collect and separate the dirt in the most efficient ways possible. ULT offers some of the most advanced packages in the marketplace.”




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