Ultrasonic Systems adds Trident Electronics as Asian distributor for PRISM spray coating systems

Ultrasonic Systems, Inc. (USI) announced it has added a new distributor, Trident Electronics Technologies, a high-tech equipment and material supplies distribution company headquartered in Singapore with branches in major Asian manufacturing hubs. Trident supports both major multinational companies and small-to-medium sized enterprises, focusing on laboratory and production equipment for the electronics, aerospace, solar and semiconductor industries.

Trident will distribute USI’s PRISM line of high performance spray coating systems, which provide greater process control and uniformity than conventional air-atomizing or ultrasonic spray nozzle-based coating systems at thousands of installations worldwide spanning solar (silicon and thin-film), fuel cell, display, semiconductor, nanotechnology, electronics assembly, medical devices, and other applications. USI’s nozzle-less design delivers 5x thinner coatings with transfer efficiency of up to 99%. USI’s product line includes PRISM -400, PRISM -500, PRISM -800, PRISM -1200 for larger format coating applications as well as the PV-360 for the application of dopants to solar wafers.


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