Universal Instruments installs Finetech multipurpose bonder in its Advanced Process Laboratory

Finetech, a global supplier of micro-assembly equipment and Universal Instruments announce the addition of a FINEPLACER® Pico bonding system to the Universal Instruments Advanced Process Laboratory .

The Universal Advanced Process Laboratory (APL) in Conklin, New York, offers comprehensive electronic assembly process research, advanced assembly services and supporting material analyses. It enables OEMs and contract manufacturers to realize rapid product introduction, maximize yield and optimize reliability. The APL has long played an influential role in the electronics community, partnering with industry leaders, engaging academia and executing consortium research to develop new and emerging assembly technologies. It services a wide variety of corporate clients representing many electronics industry sectors. The versatile Pico bonder is a great fit for the breadth of the APL mission, providing a broad range of electronics bonding technologies: thermocompression, thermosonic and ultrasonic bonding, soldering (AuSn, eutectic SnPb, Indium, C4), adhesive technologies, UV curing and mechanical assembly.

“Our research staff has been anxiously awaiting the installation of our new Finetech Pico bonder; they‘ve been queuing up critical experiments for months now,“ remarked Jim Wilcox, manager of the APL AREA Research Consortium. “The versatility of this bonding system is perfect for the range of packaging assembly challenges we tackle routinely. Our near-term Pico projects include controlled silver sintering for attachment of power devices, low temperature joining for flexible hybrid electronics and precision thermopression bonding of fine pitch, large die, copper pillar interconnects. We put it to work on that very first day. “

The FINEPLACER® Pico is a versatile platform used in a wide range of micro assembly applications – such as high accuracy die attach and assembly of components that require a novel bonding approach. It provides a placement accuracy of 5 µm, fast, easy process development, and supports bonding forces up to 700 N.


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