Updated inspect-is.com offers latest in digital inspection systems

INSPECTIS AB announces the launch of its updated inspect-is.com web site, interactive and easier to navigate than ever before, a comprehensive online resource covering all of INSPECTIS’ advanced optical inspection solutions for PCB assembly and Medical Device manufacture, including the newest and most powerful (up to 30X Zoom) line of Ultra HD (4K) Digital Inspection Microscopes including Inspectis U30, a premium all-in-one, Ultra High Definition 8.3 megapixel optical inspection system.

The updated site shows all of INSPECTIS’ full line of plug and play, reliable, and cost-effective camera microscopes, all of which are designed for non- contact optical inspection, quality control, repair and rework.

The site also shows the many accessories available with the systems. These unique accessories, properly applied, enhance the power, range, and flexibility of INSPECTIS digital inspection systems and microscopes, and include such accessories as ring lights, filters, lenses, image capture devices, remote control consoles, an X-Y Rail system and floating X-Y table. Downloadable specification sheets are readily available, and links to product demonstration videos help the visitor see INSPECTIS products ‘in action’. For more information, visit www.inspect-is.com


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