VirTex invests for the future with their latest purchase, a JUKI FX-3 placer

For Super High-Speed Mounting

Electronics Manufacturing Service provider (EMS) VirTex [], is known in the market for its ongoing investment in resources, whether that be talent or technology. Brad Heath, CEO, and Owner is delighted to share the news of their latest acquisition, a Juki FX-3 Speed Placer.

Facility Focus

VirTex has three facilities, two in the United States (Texas and Wisconsin) and another in Mexico. With three facilities in North America, VirTex believes that it can offer the best of both worlds in terms of local and low-cost manufacturing. Their new equipment will be situated within their Wisconsin facility, which is an impressive 60,000 sq. ft. manufacturing site and home to six SMT lines. With over 30 years of specialist focus and certified accreditation to meet the exacting needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), with complex and highly diversified production requirements within the automotive aerospace & defense, industrial and medical markets.

Flexibility & Reliability

Mr. Upinder Singh, Vice President and General Manager of the VirTex facility in Wisconsin stated; “We believe in Juki and, as a company, they support our ‘Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)’ vision. When you buy Juki, you know that you are buying reliability and a quality which is complemented and supported by the highest level of customer service.”

“At VirTex we pride ourselves on being our OEM customers trusted technology partner, and as such, we know that Juki and their products are a good fit for VirTex and bring valued brand synergy.”

The Need for Speed

In today’s faced-paced electronics environment where time-to-market matters, the Juki FX 3 Speed Placer provides VirTex with upgraded swiftness, which enables VirTex to increase capacity, in line with future demand.

The Juki FX-3 Speed Placer, for high-speed, high-accuracy mounting down to very small parts and an ultra-flexible performance.

Bob Black, CEO of Juki Automation Systems commented; “We are pleased that our long-time customer VirTex has added our FX-3 high-speed placement system in their Wisconsin facility. While this system will increase placement volumes, it also is quite flexible in both component range and in change-over time from job to job. This will allow VirTex to increase their throughput, while not losing the flexibility to handle a wide variety of projects. With the high up-time and durability of this system, VirTex can count on high productivity for many years to come. We thank them for our many years of partnership, and look forward to many more.”


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