Viscom tests cobot as operator of manual systems

Viscom is currently testing the collaborative robot Sawyer. The cobot can interact with the company’s manual inspection systems completely independently. It can be used as a machine operator and can load and unload the 3D MXI system X8011-II PCB without human intervention, for example.

Georg Walz, who is writing an undergraduate thesis at Viscom, shows Sawyer working at an inspection system to guests at the Viscom Technology Forum 2018 in Hanover, Germany.

In electronics manufacturing, a cobot like Sawyer is able to perform handling tasks that require precision but are repetitive. Employees that would otherwise be assigned to perform these tasks are then available to the company for more complex activities. Among other things, Viscom is testing how precisely the robot independently determines the application of force and its level of repetition accuracy is.

Sawyer is a product of Rethink Robotics. It can take control of a machine via an IO interface and can also operate switches. It can be used in conjunction with Viscom’s inspection technologies for random inspections or process optimization tests, for example. After the inspection, the cobot is also able to sort the inspected items into good and bad parts correctly, depending on the inspection results.


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