Vitronics Soltec ships last mySelective soldering machine as ZEVAv achieves market dominance

Vitronics Soltec mySelective TeamAfter more than 15 years of successfully serving customers, Vitronics Soltec shipped the last mySelective 6748 soldering machine. During its active lifespan, the 6748 machine excelled in durability and process capabilities.

“This machine was shipped to one of our loyal customers that has been using the 6748 since 2002,” said Siem Klijn, Vitronics Soltec Product Manager. “In honor of the successful history, our team posed for a picture together with the mySelective machine to commemorate this milestone.”

Since 2013 many customers have been successfully transferred to the new selective platform, the ZEVAv. This machine is the successor of the 6748 and allows for even shorter cycle times, more process control and more flexibility. The ZEVAv has shown at all installed sites to be more than worthy as a replacement for its predecessor.

The ZEVAv provides next generation selective soldering technology that meets the growing challenges of high yields, cost effective production and process control. Operator and maintenance interventions can be executed during manufacturing.


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