Z-AXIS Wins Design Approval, Begins Production of Custom Power Supply for a Global Top 10 Medical Device Firm

BearPowerSupplies-9w-medical-psu.pngBear Power Supplies, a business unit of Z-AXIS, Inc., has earned design approval and begun production of a CF-rated custom medical power supply for a leading medical equipment company, one of the industry’s global top ten by revenue.

Z-AXIS won this customer’s repeat business with a unique combination of capabilities including high-mix SMT assembly, cost-effective manual assembly, an in-house design staff specializing in analog and power engineering, and a quality system that emphasizes process control and validation. The company’s design and contract manufacturing center is located near Rochester, NY.

Redesign gives higher performance, lower cost

The new 9 Watt AC/DC power supply is half the size, and half the cost, of the model it replaces, while at the same time delivering 1.5% greater efficiency (75.5% efficiency). It has 120VAC input and 9.1VDC output.

“Our design engineers and manufacturing engineers, working closely together in the same facility, can identify product improvement opportunities that other contract manufactures simply cannot see,” said Michael Allen, president of Z-AXIS and Bear Power Supplies.

“We presented our redesign proposal to the customer, who was thrilled with our recommendations to give them higher performance at lower cost,” Allen continued. “We’re pleased to have delivered on our promise: achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction through innovation, dedication to quality, and continuous improvement.”

The 4 cubic inch custom medical power supply is designed for the rigors of hospital use. The custom-molded housing is sealed to withstand chemical wash down and encapsulated to pass rigorous drop testing. It is CF-rated with less than 10 µA leakage current and meets UL60601-1 and UL60601-2 standards for medical equipment.

Custom power supply design and manufacturing in the USA

Bear completed the design, prototypes and manufacturing at its facility in western New York.

“Unlike most power supply companies, we are very happy to design and produce full-custom power supplies at almost any manufacturing volume, with no minimum builds,” Allen said. “At the same time we have the quality systems in place that medical equipment manufacturers need, including process control and validation.”

About Z-AXIS, Inc.

Z-AXIS Inc. provides quality design, prototyping and manufacturing services for complex electronic products and electromechanical assemblies. The company offers fast design turnaround, competitive NRE charges, rapid production and low freight costs from its 32,000 square foot, ISO9001:2015 certified design and manufacturing center near Rochester, NY. Z-AXIS also designs, manufactures and sells commercial, medical and industrial power supplies under its Bear Power Supplies brand.


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