ZESTRON Academy is expanding its team

The ZESTRON Academy, provider of sessions for training, coaching and training online lessons on demand concerning cleaning and reliability in electronics manufacturing, is looking forward to welcoming Dr. Markus Meier as a new contact for technology coaching sessions.

Dr. Markus Meier received his PhD in chemistry from the Technical University Munich and is an expert in the fields of interfacial chemistry and surface analysis. At the ZESTRON Academy, he is responsible for the organizational and professional handling of technology coaching sessions. For this, Dr. Meier prepares an individual coaching programme together with the customers which is specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of the manufacturing process and is based on the knowledge of the participants. In addition to the professional training of employees the technology coaching within the ZESTRON Academy can also help to solve specific problems. For example, issues such as damage analysis or risk assessment for ionic or particulate impurities are among other topics part of the coaching portfolio of the ZESTRON Academy.

For questions about technology coaching, Dr. Meier can be contacted by phone at +49 841 635-159 or by e-mail at markus.meier@zestron.com


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