ZESTRON Academy is pleased about a new team member in marketing

Responsible for further training organization and marketing of the ZESTRON Academy: Lina Fehringer (Copyright ZESTRON)

The ZESTRON Academy, provider of sessions for training, coaching and training online lessons on demand concerning cleaning and reliability in electronics manufacturing, is looking forward to welcoming Ms. Lina Fehringer as a new contact person for marketing and training management.

Ms. Fehringer is responsible for the continuing education organization in the European countries, as well as for the invitation and registration of participants to training sessions and training online lessons on demand. In her new position, she also oversees all marketing activities of the ZESTRON Academy. For questions about the Academy’s offer, planning and booking of training sessions as well as training online lessons on demand and appointments, Ms. Fehringer is the first contact person.

If you have any questions, suggestions or wishes concerning the Academy, please contact Ms. Fehringer on +49 841 635-24 or by e-mail at lina.fehringer@zestron.com


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