ZESTRON announces global implementation of GHS labels for all product lines

ZESTRON, provider of high precision cleaning products, services and training solutions in the electronics manufacturing industry, is pleased to announce the standardization of ZESTRON’s products labels and Safety Data Sheets to the United Nations’ new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

With a globally harmonized classification of chemicals, the new OSHA GHS standards offer unified hazard pictograms, signal wording and hazard and precautionary statements for both product labels and Safety Data Sheets.  Through careful review of the OSHA GHS policy, ZESTRON has updated all product labels and Safety Data Sheets in accordance with the latest requirements.

“ZESTRON has always been proactive in ensuring that our products meet government regulations, as well as communicating potential hazardous information and protective handling measures to our customers,“ says Todd Scheerer, Executive Vice President, ZESTRON Americas.  “Additionally, with this label format change, ZESTRON Americas 5, 25 and 200 liter containers feature a 24 language booklet label detailing all required information and pictograms.”




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