Interview: Abby Tsoi

Anda, established in 1999 with headquarters located at Dongguan China, is a world leader in the manufacturing of Assembly, Plasma Treatment, Fluid Dispensing, Selective Conformal Coating, Assembly Machines, UV Curing Ovens, IR Curing Ovens, Process Lines, Linear Motors and Complete Automation Solutions for the EMS industry. Anda has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. However, the company recently decided to expand its customer base into North America. Our editors met with Abby Tsoi, the CEO of Anda Overseas Operations, to find out why the company is expanding into these markets.

Congratulations on the expansion of Dongguan Anda Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd. Why is the company expanding into America, and why now?

Our business has been growing tremendously in the American marketplace so, in order to provide the best possible customer satisfaction, we set up a new office in Fremont, CA. The facility features a demonstration center as well as a spare parts center for providing efficient support for customers. Additionally, an application laboratory and R&D center provide a strong backbone and solution to customers’ technical issues.

How will the expansion into this region help your customers? What advantages will it provide that the competition cannot?

Our new California office, which offers full service in both sales and applications, will provide customers throughout North America with quick-turn, real-time responses. With this expansion, the company is able to deliver a faster tailor-made design to whatever the customer requires for their manufacturing while continuing to provide high-tech, low-cost solutions to the industry.

As the CEO, what will your main responsibilities be? What experience do you have that makes you the best person to lead the company into this important expansion?

I have 28 years of experience running an international equipment business, and I hold the title of SMTA China President. As the CEO of Anda Technologies USA, Inc., I run the overseas operations of Anda. The America marketplace is a major step into the international market for Anda. I have the confidence needed to accept this challenge, and lead Anda into becoming an international company with high-end equipment and solutions to worldwide customers. Additionally, my international network and experience with professionals and technologies make me the most qualified person to steer a very technical company into such an important expansion.

According to the news, Dongguan Anda Automatic Equipment has three new products: a dispenser, a coating machine and a plasma cleaner. Can you briefly tell us about the machines and why you decided to bring it in house?

With the trend of electronic products becoming more miniature and high-density component population, our major products are higher precision and provide the reliability needed to fit the requirements of the product trend. Instead of buying from vendors, we are now making the core parts of our equipment in-house, delivering faster and better performance of products in a shorter time.

Are there any new products or technologies coming from Dongguan Anda Automatic Equipment that we should watch for? 

We make new products every week now, and we focus on customizing production equipment to customers’ specifications. The most recent new product is the Dual Head Plasma Cleaning Machine. We begin the process by making linear motors to meet customers’ requirements and for our own production of equipment.

Where do you see the company in five years from now? In 10 years from now? Why?

In five years from now, I see Anda becoming a public company, and a world leader of dispensing/conformal coating equipment as well as automation solutions. In 10 years, Anda will be an industry leader known for merging semiconductor and SMT technologies in component assembly, and providing innovative new designs for automatic equipment.

What is the most important thing that you would like our readers to know about Dongguan Anda Automatic Equipment?

Anda is your partner for providing a total solution in the manufacturing industry with our high-end automation equipment technology and experience. We value our customers worldwide and look forward to w orking one-on-one with our North American customer base.



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