Craig HillmanColumnist

Dr. Craig Hillman is the Chief Executive Officer of DfR Solutions. DfR Solutions provides engineering services and tools that allow the electronic supply chain to meet customer expectations in regards to quality, reliability, and safety. Over the past seven years, Dr. Hillman has put together an a comprehensive group of subject matter experts in a number of different fields, including semiconductors, electronic design and fabrication, and systems engineering, and has overseen the release of the first Automated Design Analysis software to the EDA/CAE marketplace.

DfR Solutions is now the largest organization of its kind in the world and has offices across North America and Europe.

Dr. Hillman’s specific expertise is in the development and incorporation of best-in-class product development processes that optimize existing resources and result in strong customer satisfaction.

Dr. Hillman holds two patents, has over 100 publications, is a guest columnist for Global SMT & Packaging, has been a course instructor at IPC, SMTA, IMAPS and IEEE conferences, was identified by the US DoD as a subject matter expert in Pb-free technology, and has presented on a wide variety of quality and reliability issues to over 500 companies and organizations. He holds a B.S. from Carnegie Mellon in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering and Public Policy and a PhD from University of California – Santa Barbara in Materials Science and received a research fellowship at Cambridge University in England


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