VJ Electronix and Apollo Seiko collaborate for improved robotic soldering performance

VJE Apollo Sieko PreheaterVJ Electronix, Inc., the leader in rework technologies and global provider of advanced X-ray inspection systems, and Apollo Seiko, the technology leader for automated point soldering systems, announce the joint development of PCB preheat to enhance the performance of robotic soldering. The addition of preheat, or board conditioning, is one way to improve all types of soldering operations from hand soldering to automated rework and selective soldering.

Typically, a bottom-side heater is used to heat the entire board to an intermediate temperature, below the melting point of solder. This preheating minimizes thermal stress in the board and reduces energy required for a localized soldering operation. The net result is improved reliability and increased throughput.

VJ Electronix has customized its IR preheater series to fit seamlessly within the Apollo Seiko system. The unit will operate with a pre-set power level, or with active temperature feedback from the board.

According to Apollo Seiko Technical Specialist Rick Schifer, “With the additional preheat, our customers are able to address many of the more difficult soldering challenges, such as thick and multilayer PCBs, embedded ground planes and large body components. As an integrated option with our L-CAT NEO and SCARA soldering systems, the use of automated preheat will ensure a robust and high-quality soldering process.”




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