180um!!The Smallest Dosing Jet Dispenser System! Shinwa!

180um!The Smallest Solder Paste Jet Dispensing  Size on the world!!
Hi Spec Dispenser Stable Dispensing、Position repeatability ±5μm!

◎ Dispensing Video

・ Solder Paste Dispensing Sizeφ180μm!
・ 36,000shots/ h  Hi-Speed Dispensing Capability


We are Japanese Dispenser Company Shinwa.
Small dosing dispensing is always our goal.

0402/0603 component solder paste jet dispensing process
(smartphone,electronic component packaging)
1.  3D Dispensing (Jet type)
2.  Flip-Chip component packaging
3.  The process that mask print could not realize(200um,cavity,size differences of pads )
4.  Other SMT process.

Japanese users are asking for this capability for several years, and we acquire this technology by collaborate with some solder paste manufacturers. Shinwa achieved 180um solder paste dot size by invest this project for years and overcome key difficulties.

Jetting capability
1.  Stable Jetting Capability(180μm±10%)
2.  Jetting continuously (more than 100,000dots,without needle blocked)
3.  Oxygen concentration 1,000~1,500ppm (without reflow soldering problems)
4.  Halogen-free materials
5.  Non-clean Model
6.  Little batch differences of viscosity and thixotropy


Feature1:The lightest dot:0.001mg/shot
→ No.1 on the dispensing industry!

Feature2:Low running cost
→ By using Tungsten Materials,cut off daily running cost:50~80% Down!

Feature3:Dispenser Temperature control system(temperature setting capability:±1℃)
→Epoxy resin:provide satellite problem solution!
High Speed Stable Dispensing Capability
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Shinwa Co., Ltd.
Mechatronics System Center
Gao Yang


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