3 factors why AXI machine is needed for smart factory

How much advanced 3D automated X-ray inspection machine?

X-eye 6300 NTI-P
The main goal for smart manufacturing is to improve and optimize the process. For the innovation, automation is indispensible. Also, it needs more and more high accuracy for quality assurance. That’s why 3D inspection is taking a general trend in production line over 2D nowadays.

Enhanced 3D inspection efficiency

For instance, 3D inspection can reliably analyze multi-layered sample by each side of layer. In which 2D cannot detect through.

What else are main features of inspection machine? There would be speed and safety besides accuracy.

Sharply increased speed

Users still tend to think that 3D CT takes long time. But the inspection time has dramatically reduced. Traditionally it takes a few minutes but now it takes 4 sec/FOV. (120 projection criterion)

Two key solutions enabled this significant decrease. Recently SEC succeeded to apply medical registration algorithm for industrial purpose, which is automatically align the distortions of 3D volume. Now it takes only one second from 50 seconds.

New X-eye 6300 is able to use multi-GPU. It remarkably reduces inspection time for all processes of 3D Reconstruction, Registration, and Inspection. It would be also applied more suitably for each type of sample. General applications are BGA, PoP, connector, through hole, etc.

Safe maintenance by own technology

When choosing a machine, should examine key component. SEC has produced own X-ray tube, and recently developed hybrid open tube. It can inspect max.2μm defect with 0.8μm focal spot size. Not only the resolution quality, but also and even product life span is more extended.

Especially for X-ray machine, have to verify radiation damage free. SEC opted pulse beam which can reduce X-ray damage and improved detect quality at the same time. It scans more high-speed projection images for CT. SEC filter has about 10%, which is very lower than competitors, guarantees absolute safety.

In short, 3D automated X-ray inspection system is well developed to go inline production. Now it’s time to renovate manufacturing system automatic, and maintain the quality. The advantage of AXI machine is optimized customizing for each industry field, and types of sample. Find out your best solution for smart manufacturing with SEC.



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