3D AOI System YSi-V from Yamaha IM offers performance, affordability, field-upgradable

YSi-V_350dpiIt makes perfect economic sense to buy only the AOI performance that you need today, especially if you can upgrade it in the field to meet tomorrow’s needs. That’s the thinking behind Yamaha Intelligent Machinery’s new economical AOI solution; the YSi-V 5M automated optical inspection system.

Yamaha Motor IM’s YSi-V 5M is equipped with industry-standard 5 Megapixel Cameras, getting the inspection job done for all current SMT devices while keeping the cost affordable. But the YSi-V 5M is also field upgradable, so that at a later date, if greater defect analysis is needed, the system can be upgraded to 3D and 4D capability.  This enables customers to buy the technology they need today, while knowing that additional features can be added later if they are required. It’s a perfect solution for the PCB assembler with a limited budget who wants to “Future Proof” their investment.

In addition to standard 2D AOI functionality, the YSi-V Series machines can be configured for high speed 3D inspection as well.  Furthermore, the YSi-V has 4D capability by employing 4 additional off-axis cameras along with its main downward looking camera.  With 4D capability, components can be inspected at 5 different angles, increasing object visibility around nearby components. Moreover, all five images can be later recalled at a repair station for better defect analysis.

In making the announcement, George Babka, Sales General Manager for the SMT Business Group of Yamaha Motor IM America, Inc., said, “With the release of the 3D YSi-V 5M, we have set a new industry standard for AOI. The 5M System joins our YSi-V 12M (12 Megapixel) machine as another high-speed AOI system that can be configured for 2D, 3D and 4D; it’s a remarkable system combining flexibility, capability, and low cost of ownership.”



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