8mm cut tape solution improves pick and place machine efficiency

Feeder Finger’s cut tape adapters make it easier for companies with Panasonic, Juki, Yamaha, and ASM feeders to increase their efficiency to handle cut tape.
By swapping out the existing tape guide with Feeder Finger’s patented solution, customers can experience the ability to handle cut tape as short as 3 inches or 80mm. This new solution for feeding 8mm paper tape reduces feeder setup time by 50% and abolishes tape splicing. With almost zero component loss at setup, the product pays for itself in hours due to increased productivity and time saved. No more wasted time, splicing cover tape while discarding dozens of components in the process.

Feeder Finger introduced their technology in limited supply over three years ago. Now in full production, the solutions are helping customers around the globe with their;

– Cut tape requirements
– Feeder setup time
– Component waste
– Increase production

Made from aerospace aluminum by a tier one USA manufacturer the anodized fingers can handle the most stringent of demands placed on them by machine operators. This quality allows years of use without the need to replace after adoption. An actual set and forget application adapted to help with the growing demand for a more efficient way to feed cut tape.

At APEX 2018, Feeder Finger will showcase its latest Cut Tape Solutions for Juki, Panasonic, and ASM feeders. Visit us in booth 3015 for a demonstration or a hands-on test to see why so many of our customers are amazed at the simplicity, ease of use, efficiency and ultimate cost savings from losing fewer components, time saved and ability to utilize cut tape as small as 3″ inches/80mm.

If you are unable to attend the show, you can learn more about the many Cut Tape Solutions (including Yamaha) at www.feederfinger.com


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