ACE unveils new lead tinning system with JEDEC tray-to-tray handling

ACE Production Technologies, Inc., a supplier of selective soldering systems, lead tinning systems and lead tinning services, is pleased to announce the release of its new LTS300-JEDEC tray-to-tray lead tinning system.

The ACE LTS300-JEDEC is the most technologically advanced molten solder lead tinning system on the market consisting of two dynamic nitrogen inerted solder pots, a dynamic flat wave fluxing station, forced convection preheating, aqueous wash and drying stations, plus a JEDEC tray stacker forming a complete work cell.

At the heart of the new LTS300-JEDEC is a fully integrated vision system consisting of top and bottom viewing cameras for accurate alignment of electronic components prior to re-tinning to ensure complete control over fine-pitch components during immersion and extraction of the hot solder dip process.  The vision system also performs post-tinning inspection to detect potential solder bridges before placing components back into a JEDEC tray.  The LTS300-JEDEC is a fully-configured system capable of performing a molten solder component lead tinning process for gold removal and re-tinning of components for Class 2 and Class 3 applications in compliance with the new J-STD-001, Rev F requirements.

The dual solder pot machine architecture of the LTS300-JEDEC allows for component re-tinning in accordance with GEIA-STD-0006 requirements to enhance component solderability.  The LTS300-JEDEC is capable of re-tinning leaded fine-pitch components such as QFPs as small as 6mm x 6mm or as large as 50mm x 50mm with a lead pitch down to 0.012” with bridge free results.  In addition, bottom terminated components such as QFNs and DFNs as small as 3mm x 3mm and with a lead pitch down to 0.5mm can be re-tinned all the while maintaining world-class coplanarity within 0.003” for these leadless devices.


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