Active Bridge MOSFET Enhances Performance in POE

Fairchild is enhancing its GreenBridge active bridge quad MOSFET technology withFDMQ8205, the first member of its GreenBridge 2 series for applications that receive power via POE, such as security cameras, wireless access points and LED lighting. Advanced GreenBridge technology is compliant with the IEEE 802.3at standard and has up to 10x lower power dissipation than Schottky diodes. This superior thermal performance allows the reduction or elimination of heat sinks.

The extremely low conduction losses of the new series are another important advantage as power and voltage must be maximized for the limited input power of POE systems. The GreenBridge series boasts best-in-class Rdson performance due to the power conversion efficiency of its optimized PowerTrench MOSFET technology.

At 4.5 x 5 mm, the GreenBridge devices incorporate four MOSFETs in an MLP package connected in a full bridge. Further complementing their small size, the GreenBridge devices do not require an external driver. The FDMQ8205 active bridge quad MOSFET is available today in production quantities.


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