Adaptsys launches new ‘Fast Carrier Tape’ service for electronics manufacturers and mechanical assemblers

Embossed carrier tape production with fastest turnaround in Europe

Adaptsys 1787-14 - 75Manufacturing automation specialist, Adaptsys, announced the launch of its new ‘Fast Carrier Tape’ service, aimed at reducing the time-to-market for electronics manufacturers and mechanical assemblers. The service means that users can expect the fastest turnaround of embossed carrier tape orders anywhere in Europe, with delivery times from just a few days.

Duncan Milroy, director at Adaptsys, said; “There is a growing demand in the electronics manufacturing industry for both manual and increasingly automated ‘Tape and Reeling’ systems, and we’re now seeing demand also grow in mechanical manufacturing, particularly in the field of precision components. The quality and cost benefits of ‘Tape and Reeling’ are widely understood, and use across Europe is rapidly expanding. We have been designing and manufacturing our own Re-flex brand of carrier tapes, right here in the UK for a number of years and are now able to develop and turn-round tapes in as little as five days, which we believe to be unique in Europe.”

Adaptsys 1787-11 - 75Using embossed carrier tape helps manufacturers of both electronics and mechanical devices to improve quality management, increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs associated with the handling of parts. Adaptsys’ fast carrier tape turn-around helps products benefitting from this process to reach the market quicker. The speed of the Adaptsys service is the result of automation within the company’s own infrastructure and the ability to complete the entire development cycle for the tape – from customer specification to design through tooling manufacture to tape production and finally delivery – allowing users to focus on other areas of planning their job.

Mr Milroy concluded; “We are able to design tape pockets from customer specified parameters or part drawings. The Adaptsys ‘Fast Carrier Tape’ service simplifies the whole process of sourcing the right tape pocket, be it standard or custom, and ultimately provides our customers with the capacity to deliver higher quality, more efficient and faster manufacturing services.”


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