The ADS-B Out Compliance Clock Keeps on Ticking

With more aircraft requiring    ADS-B updates, than there are time slots available in the que between now and 2020, it’s becoming critical to find a fast, efficient and error-free method for testing your ADS-B equipment pairing installation. A convenient test solution is available with Cobham AvComm’s new ADS-B Installation Approval app, which provides support of Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approvals and post approval testing of all performance requirements of 14 CFR §91.227.  Full compliance reporting can be accomplished without flying the aircraft or moving to an open sky surveyed location.

This new PC application,
controlling our IFR-6000 Flight Line Test Set and GPSG-1000 GPS Portable Simulator for positional data, will test the aircraft, identify installation errors via pass/fail criteria and collect all required data for detailed compliance reporting in just minutes. This will allow for a faster throughput of installation approvals to keep the line moving.

For a quick overview, download the ADS-B Out Compliance Testing for Installations quick sheet.



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