Affordability and precision in one from ANDA

ANDA Technologies USA, Inc., a provider of fluid application and custom design manufacturing equipment, announces that it is highlighting the iCoat 2, an entry-level selective conformal coater, designed to bring factories up to speed. With its dependable and reliable automated process of conformal coating for printed circuits assemblies, it will increase production and decrease labor costs. It can be easily integrated into the automated process line system.

Standard features include two nozzles (DJ-01 and SA-W5), a PC with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse, as well as an auto dipping and waste collection system. Led UV lamps for inspection, PCB clamping system, a 10L material tank, UPS and voltage stabilizer, ESD grounding point, and CE certified are also included in the general machine package.

Optional add on features include a heavy duty conveyor, Dual Lane conveyor system or a two stage conveyor. Other add on features available are a CCD vision camera, dual nozzles for simultaneous coating, material levels detection, as well a pallet return conveyor (underneath),
Barcode, QR or 2D scanning system and an additional 5L material tank are also available.

ANDA offers precision coating, high-speed dispensing, plasma cleaning, high-precision laminating and customized dispensing solutions. The company serves the PCBA, 3D glass, camera module, CCM, fingerprint module and semiconductor industries.


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