AI Advances Are Not Binary

I have been following several products and teams behind them that are building AI solutions. From bots treading a defined workflow to analytics and automation of marketing.

Most discussions around AI turn into a choice of: will it eliminate jobs or will it take us to a better future?

Lets begin with the larger picture first

Humans have fear of the unknown. Of-course then a few rise up and take the challenge and the plunge. Some fail, some rise. But collectively they take the human race forward. Most who fail are top brains who have taken risks and are hired by the one’s who succeeded.

Companies, large and small (across sectors), must understand and explore AI for meaningful growth and engagement with their audience. From hiring to marketing automation, e-commerce to learning and automobile, AI will impact human lives in more ways than one.

Taking the first meaningful step: build communities of growth!

Sanjay and Amit both shared the view; while there are entrepreneurs building AI applications, there has to be a supporting ecosystem around them, a community that helps them network with similar people and potential customers.

To walk the talk we started AI.Labs ; a community with the vision to build a global AI ecosystem that addresses the following:

  • Discover AI ventures

But that does not answer; will AI eat our jobs?

It will not. But yes, it will push you to get off your comfort zone and learn new technologies and mold yourself accordingly. Of-course if you don’t evolve, you die.

AI will create new economic opportunities that will help small businesses scale faster. This will create a shift that will establish a clear distinction between exponential career growth and linear career growth.

I believe humanity will go through a transformational shift in the coming years. It depends on how we embrace and evolve. Change the world. Go BIG.


Post co-authored with Sanjay Singh; Amit Tiwari


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