Akrometrix LLC Debuts the AKM600P – FOWLP Panel Warpage Measurement System

Akrometrix PS600SUnique “Single Shot” full field of view for warpage measurement on FOWLP panels up to 600 x 600 mm

Akrometrix LLC, a provider of thermal warpage and strain metrology equipment to both the front- and back-end semiconductor and electronics industries, today announced the company’s entry into the Fan Out Wafer Level Processing (FOWLP) market with an innovative, single shot full field of view warpage metrology system for panels up to 600 x 600 mm.

Scalable manufacturing technology is driving the industry’s need to move from wafer sized limitations in the FOWLP market to panel based manufacturing. This is a logical step to move beyond wafers to panel sized substrates, which have been used in the LCD industry for years.

Akrometrix’s AKM600P warpage measurement system enables customers to complete single shot warpage measurement of the entire panel and individual die on panels up to 600 x 600 mm simultaneously. The complete measurement and analysis of a panel of this size provides z-resolution down to 1.25 µm and takes less than two seconds to complete using the patented Shadow Moiré technology. Additionally, warpage measurements can be conducted at room temperature or up to 300°C for those needing thermal profiles.

“Akrometrix’s Shadow Moiré systems have become the industry standard for warpage measurement, especially at temperature,” noted Mayson Brooks, Akrometrix’s President and CEO. “With the emerging market for FOWLP in panel form, our technology is uniquely positioned to scale up to panel sized warpage measurements, sacrificing neither warpage resolution nor measurement acquisition time in moving from die size measurements to 600 x 600 mm measurements. The ability to measure both wafers and panels on the same equipment is the perfect ‘bridge’ tool as customers continue to do wafer processing while developing their panel technology.”

For more information about Akrometrix’s warpage metrology systems, please contact sales.akrometrix.com



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