Alpha introduces high temperature dipping alloys for lead-tinning applications

Alpha Assembly Solutions, the world leader in the solder interconnect technology, is introducing its newest high temperature dipping alloys for lead-tinning applications.
ALPHA® SnCX™-FT07, SACX® 0307-FT and SnCu3-FT make up Alpha’s family of high temperature dipping alloys, which are suitable for high temperature (>350°C) dipping and lead-tinning processes.

“These alloys have been engineered to generate minimal surface oxides and to be highly reflective after hours of high heat exposure compared to the other popular alloys such as SnCu0.7 and SnCu3”, said Bernice Chung, Regional Product Manager for Soldering Alloys for the Asia Region of Alpha Assembly Solutions. “The higher production yields associated with lower surface oxides make these alloys preferable for our customers who value products with high reliability and performance.”

Each alloy exhibits excellent wetting characteristics, which also contributes to increased production yields.

Additionally, Alpha offers industrial fluxes that are developed to be general purpose, high activity flux materials, formulated for electronic, electrical and industrial applications. For more information on ALPHA® products and process technology, visit the Alpha website.


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