Altus Provides Safety Solutions for Safe Return to the Workplace as Restrictions Ease

With the government giving the green light to return to the workplace, safety has to be a number one priority for companies to keep staff safe and business running smoothly. This means ensuring all precautions are made to make working environments as Covid-free as possible. Altus is helping businesses to manage the risk with a range of safety solutions.

With the work from home order now lifted, more people will be returning to the workplace which brings with it the threat of spreading the virus. To help companies to be Covid-secure and to build employee confidence, Altus has a ranges of solutions including air disinfection and surface disinfections products, to thermal measurement and temperature monitoring equipment to create secure workplaces.

Joe Booth, Altus CEO said: “With government guidance now advising people to return to the workplace, it is extremely important that companies evaluate their safety measures and look at long-term solutions for a safe working environment. This is not only important for the health of the employees, but also for their wellbeing so they feel safe and comfortable whilst working.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic Altus has been supporting UK manufacturers with a range of products to help keep business open and active and ensure production lines keep running. Through the creation of strong partnerships with safety specialists we have provided the most innovative solutions available in the market to keep staff safe and ensure workplaces are as covid-free as is possible.

“The latest lift in restrictions has seen even more enquiries from companies looking for Covid-secure solutions. We are pleased that we can make the workplace safer with innovative safety-related equipment and help to keep the cogs of the company moving.”

Leading names including Kolb, Nilaqua, Safeway, UV Cleanlight and Hikvision feature in Altus’ safety solutions portfolio.

Kolb and Nilaqua both provide sanitising solutions for hands and also to wipe down equipment and surfaces; essential measures in today’s working environment.

Safeway and UV Cleanlight provide solutions to clean surfaces and rooms. Safeway uses ozone as a natural disinfectant to sanitize entire offices and even people with a body disinfection cabin. UV Cleanlight exposes air in the room to UV-C light where it is disinfected, before being pushed out the machine as clean air.

The Hikvision range of thermal measurement and temperature monitoring equipment are designed to achieve rapid preliminary screening with high efficiency as well as combining mask detection and access control.



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