Analysing Technical Cleanliness according to VDA/ISO at ZESTRON

ZESTRON has expanded its analytical services available at the Analytical Center in Ingolstadt, Germany, by integrating a particle extraction and analysis unit.

Electronic manufacturers can now have their electronic boards analysed for particle residues according to VDA 19 and ISO 16232 at ZESTRON.

Especially in the automotive industry, particle impurity has increasingly become the focus since it can affect the production process or the service life of the electronic assemblies.

Particle contamination of electronic assemblies can be reliably analysed through particle extraction and analysis. This qualitative and quantitative measurement tool can define the particles by type and size distribution, and be applied to assess the risk of failure on electronic boards. Furthermore, this method can be used to evaluate particulate contamination with regard to its influence on the cause of damage of the assembly.

In our recent video, you can learn more about the particle extraction and analysis procedure: → Videos → Surface Analysis & Process Control


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