Austin American introduces a new combined batch cleaner and Rose tester

Aqua Rose front 3x5 at 300 dpiAustin American Technology has introduced, the AquaRoseTM; the world’s first water based batch circuit board cleaner and ROSE cleanliness tester in one compact automated tool. In keeping with Austin American’s innovative design standards, the new AquaRoseTM cleaner is designed with a set of unique features that provide better quality control, higher throughput, lower acquisition and operating cost, and our “Earth Smart” closed loop DI and chemical wash process saving hundreds of gallons of chemistry and thousands of gallons of water per year.

The AquaRose improves the quality control protocol significantly by adding a ROSE cleanliness check in addition to the standard rinse to programmed conductance. This automatic ROSE ionic cleanliness verification can eliminate the need pulling a sample and running a separate ROSE test in a secondary operation saving labor and improving testing accuracy. ROSE testing every batch significantly reduces the chances of “poor cleaning” product escapes causing in test and field failures. These new process control features provide process control limits to be set, monitored and recorded for product/process traceability.

The AquaRose uses AAT’s high energy fluid dynamics cleaning design proven and field tested for over 10 years in our older AquaTherm series cleaners. Product drying times have been shortened by 50% with our new rotating head dryers. These dryers provide high volume heated circulating air in-between the circuit cards to achieve the fastest drying times and highest throughput available in the industry.

From a cost saving standpoint, the AquaRose sets the bar. The AquaRose cleaner/tester equipment cost is 40-60% less than any other cleaner/tester package in the market today. The small footprint (1x1meter) requires less floor space, power, and venting than other cleaning and testing combinations, further reducing facility costs. Finally, the labor needed to manually pull test samples and run a separate ROSE test is eliminated providing the lowest cost and the best data/performance available in the industry today.

According to Austin American President Steve Stach “The new AquaRose cleaning system offers our customers AAT’s superior cleaning performance and award winning Earth Smart environmental design with the latest and best process control innovations.” Mr. Stach went on to say that, “Adding this tool to the AAT cleaner family will provide customers a new choice that will both save money and improve product quality.”


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