Built-in laser pointer now an option for Optilia M Series inspection systems

Optilia Laser PointerIntegral Laser Pointers are now an available option on economical M Series inspection systems, Optima Instruments has announced. Although Optilia has always included integral laser pointers as a standard feature of the high end W Series, due to customer demand, the optional feature is now available for the M Series as well. The laser pointer feature is available for the entire M Series range including the Easyview standard 245mm Working Distance (WD) and Freesight 500mm WD models.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing and Sales Manager, said, “The laser’s red dot is particularly helpful when working at higher magnifications; it makes feature identification and orientation much easier, especially when inspecting larger objects or PCBs. This greatly speeds up the inspection process without having to zoom out and back in again to find the region of interest.” He adds that “An additional suggestion is to use one of the highly successful Optilia X-Y floating tables that facilitate eye-to-hand coordination as well as providing an ESD-safe and stable platform.”
Optilia M Series systems are built to be reliable and durable under the same demanding conditions as the premium W Series, but offer a simpler plug-and-play approach that is ideal when other specific control methods are not required. With an integral compact control unit and a high quality aluminum single-rod stand, setup is simpler and the desk footprint is reduced. Optilia accessories including Close-up lenses, the SD-card Image Capture Device, X-Y Floating table, and others are easily integrated into the M Series system.

Optilia Instruments AB is an OEM provider of obstruction‐free, fatigue‐free High‐definition benchtop inspection for PCB assembly, and real‐time BGA inspection solutions. For further information on Digital Inspection Systems please contact Optilia at email info@optilia.eu or by telephone on +46 8 353 360.


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